Digital Media Services

Media Transfer

Do you need to transfer your images from your Compact Flash, Memory Stick, or USB to Disc?
Or do you have a CD or DVD that you want to make one or multiple copies of? Our Digital
Media to Data DVD is for just that!

Data CD/DVD is an EXACT copy of the original media.  It is a Great way to back up all those

precious memories.  Data DVDs are not meant to play in DVD players(many new players do have

this function now).  Data CD/DVD can be  opened with computers and if

they hold  still images (jpgs) they can be used in kiosks as well to make print orders.





 Memory Card Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted an image, experienced a card corruption,
or had camera batteries fail while saving a picture?
We provides reliable image recovery of the most popular file types, including
JPEG, TIFF, RAW, MP4, AVI, and more. We can recover files from any type of
memory card—helping you save your valuable photos and videos, giving
you added peace of mind knowing your memories are not lost.

Bring in your memory card today and let us recover your most precious memories.
Once the Image Recovery has been performed, we will burn your recovered files to CD/DVD.

Although there is a good chance we will be able to recover your lost files,
image recovery is not 100% guaranteed. If we are not able to recover your images,

we will not charge you one cent!!


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