Film Services

Film Developing

We can develop all C-41 Process color negative films including 35mm, APS and 120 medium format films.

Photo Video Plus can develop the following films:

  • Common (1 hour – 7 days a week)
    • 35mm
    • 120/220
    • APS
    • 110

The following films we send out to a lab in Minnesota for developing:

    • 35 mm Black & White
    • 120/220 Black & White
    • 35mm E-6
    • 120/220 E-6
    • 4×5 E-6

Film Developing does not include the price of printing. See Print Prices for information about printing your images.

We can also scan all of your images to CD or DVD from cut or uncut film.

You can mail your film to us and we will send you back negatives, prints and/or scans.

Film Printing

In addition to our Film Developing services, we offer one hour printing which means you can take home high quality photographic prints from your developed roll of film. Each frame will be printed from your long roll and color-corrected for color, brightness, density and contrast.

Negative numbers are printed on the back of every print, making it easy to match your prints to your negatives.

Film Scanning

If you need your negatives or positives scanned and digitally archived, we offer several output resolution options for you to

choose from and have tiered pricing so that you get the best rate for those bulk scan orders. In addition to Long Roll scanning, we

offer a Cut Negative option that allows you to have an individual frame or cut-strip (4- or 5-strip negatives) scanned.

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