Video Transfer

Video to DVD

We can transfer all your old movies to DVD so you can
enjoy them with the whole family!

We support lots of older formats including:

Mini DV (DVC)
Hi8 Tape
Digital 8 (DV 8).

We can even transfer video from your
Video Camera Hard Drive and Digital Camera


There is a 2-hour maximum per DVD. Any additional footage will be put onto a separate DVD and charged as a separate transfer.  Custom video editing will be charged on a per hour basis.

No Copywritten material will be transferred. This includes Professional Motion Pictures and home- recorded television shows or movies.



Film Reel to DVD

Can’t find anywhere to have your old reel film converted to a current DVD format?We can do it!

We offer conversions from

Regular 8, Super 8 and 16mm
reel film to DVD.
Transfer your old reel film while you still can!




DVD Slideshows

We offer two different types of DVD Slideshows to choose from: 
Kiosk and Custom.

Kiosk Slideshows are done by YOU!! you can pick
what genre of music you want as the mood-setter for your
slideshow. There is a limit of 200 images.

Custom Slideshows are done by us and you can add video clips to the shows,
with no limit on images or title slides.  Music is additional $5.00 per song
you because of copyright laws you must supply the music.

Both DVD Slideshow types use a variety of different
transitions between images to give your slideshow smooth and
steady movement from beginning to end.

Our DVD Slideshows are burned to disc in NTSC format and can
be played in any standard DVD Player or Computer (MAC or PC).
The original image files are not included on the Slideshow DVD.
For image archiving, please see our Disc Archive options.




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